A Season for Everything - Summer 2013

As Autumn quickly approaches, I've been thinking a lot about what a great summer I've had. It wasn't perfect or always happy, but everything that happened is a great reminder of how blessed I am. I started making a list in my head, but thought it'd be easier for me to reminisce if I typed it out...

1 Flower delivery from a friend
1 Interview (I volunteered for a 60 minute interview for someone's dissertation)
1 Hitchcock movie at the Louisville Palace (Rear Window)
1 Housewarming party
1 Trip to New York City
1 Softball game
1 Postcard from one of my favorite cat cartoonists
2 Official purchases in my Etsy shop
2 Lexington trips
2 Trips to art galleries 
2 Commissioned paintings
2 Photobooth experiences
3 Concerts
3 Farewells to dear friends moving away from Louisville
3 Movies at the Iroquois Amphitheater 
3 Heap'n Chips appetizers from Doc Crow's
Meals delivered to celebrate families' new babies
4 Reunions with friends - Louisville, Cleveland, Elizabethtown, and NYC
4 Moth StorySLAMs at Headliners
5 Movie nights with friends
6 Birthday celebrations with friends and family
8 Brunches
11 Cards written
35+ Blog posts (depending on what I count as "summer")
37 Pairs of shoes given away


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