Destination: Roadtrip - Lexington's Arboretum

Do you ever plan short day trips with the main goal of just getting out of town for a few hours? You don't have to put in a ton of careful planning, arrange lodging, or book plane tickets - you just have to have an idea and drive somewhere. It's less about the destination per se, and more about taking a journey. One of my new favorite nearby locations for this is Lexington, Kentucky.

My mother and I go to the Talbot's clearance outlet several times a year, but we don't usually do much else while we're in the city. However, two times this summer I've had the chance to go to Lexington (once with my parents and once with my friend, Grace) and explore the city a little bit. One of my favorite places in the city (besides Talbot's clearance outlet) is The Arboretum - the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky.

First and foremost, the Arboretum is free! There's tons of free parking, and it's completely free to enter and walk around. Second, the Arboretum is located on the University of Kentucky's beautiful campus. Third, there are hundreds of varieties of flowers, trees, shrubs, vines, fruits, vegetables, and whatever other growing things I missed to admire. Fourth, BEES. :-)

One thing I discovered this summer is that it's totally worth it to go several times during the same season. I went in May and June and it was really neat to see how different a lot of the plants were!

I look forward to going again and trying out some other things in the Lexington area! If you have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment.


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