What's Cooking?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

With all my newly found free time (read: being unemployed), I have had a lot more energy for cooking. Thankfully, both of my parents are great cooks and passed along a lot of their culinary knowledge to me over the years. Since I love taking photos of food but don't want to overload my Instagram account with too many food pictures, I wanted to share some of my recent creations and collaborations.

Paleo Minestrone - recipe here

Mojo Pork Tenderloin - recipe here

Although I expected to do a lot of cooking while I was at home and my housemates were working full-time jobs, one thing I didn't anticipate was being so nervous about my cooking! When you're used to cooking for your immediate family, it can be intimidating cooking for three people who come from different backgrounds and who potentially have secret food likes/dislikes. Of course, I shouldn't have worried because Amber, Joe, and Tyler have all received my cooking well and been so grateful for anything I make.

 Grapefruit, Asparagus Omelet, Skillet Potatoes

Kahlua Pork and Collard Greens - pork recipe here

I should note too that in no way do I do all the cooking for the household! All of us pitch in and do our share :-)

Gumbo - recipe here 

Squash and Sausage 

Eggs, Skillet Potatoes, and Kiwifruit

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 
Virginia Woolf


Smorgasbord Saturday - 02/16/14 to 02/22/14

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Interesting discussion about stereotypes

Grandchildren and grandparents swap outfits

What happens when a homeless person dies in NYC?


Smorgasbord Saturday - 02/09/14 to 02/15/14

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Children reading to shelter cats

Not a new story, but still touching: Marvel draws a superhero with a hearing aid to encourage a child

Mister Rogers' take on saying "sorry"

My new favorite commercial :-)


List of Ten - February 2014

Following a challenge from Darling Magazine, I decided to start a new monthly feature: List of Ten. Here's what Darling suggests: 

Without thinking too hard about it, quickly list the things you love right now – things you may not take the time to really enjoy but that you should. 

1. Wearing a hat in cold weather 

2. Julep nail polish 

3. Valrhona hot chocolate

4. Figure skating - not doing it myself, but I love watching it during the Olympics! 

5. Parks and Rec

6. Amber's garlicky, lemony, easy-peasy shrimp and kale skillet meal

7. William March's short stories - one of my favorite Christmas presents this year :-)

8. HopStop

9. The Art of Instruction products

10. Salt and vinegar potato chips


Smorgasbord Saturday - 02/02/14 to 02/08/14

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Classic paintings recreated with small plastic objects

Missing cat lived in a Cornish pasty factory for three years

Some of the best coffee shops in Manhattan by subway stop

Tips for living a life of learning

The magic of libraries

The Great Language Game


Restaurant Report: Bareburger - 535 Laguardia Place

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of catching lunch with a new friend named Jackie. She suggested several options, but I settled on Bareburger since it's been recommended to me many times before! I was really excited to try it out.

We were able to get a table right away and all the staff was really friendly and helpful (which is nice because there are a LOT of options on their menu). 

We ordered a large portion of fries to share. This ended up being way too much for us to eat. If I go again, I'll order a smaller portion of fries or order the large fries to split along with one burger to split. I also ordered a banana milkshake (so good!) and the Country Bacon burger.

I really liked Bareburger. I wouldn't hesitate to go again. The menu has a lot of variety and they allow for a lot of customization (for example, check out my burger with lettuce instead of a bun). 


Smorgasbord Saturday - 01/26/14 to 02/01/14

Saturday, February 1, 2014

How can you show grace today?

Yusuke Oono's beautiful book art

Scenes from The Godfather - then and now

Butterfly scales!

Female Olympic figure skaters then and now


Furry Friends

Furry Friends

Danny in NYC

Danny in NYC
Photo by Amber

Zelda Fitzgerald & Grandma Moses in NYC

Zelda Fitzgerald & Grandma Moses in NYC
Photo by Spenser

Lola in New Albany

Lola in New Albany
Photo by Grace

Delbert in Louisville

Delbert in Louisville
Photo by Kimi

Jason in Cleveland

Jason in Cleveland
Photo by Shelby