Smorgasbord Saturday - 01/19/14 to 01/25/14

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Breaking up with your ideal self

Young boy experiencing music in his own way

Using scented pencils to boost GPAs

Something to consider before offering your condolences to people


Smorgasbord Saturday - 01/12/14 to 01/18/14

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Touching story of true friendship among elementary school students

Harry Potter covers from around the world

Test your vocabulary! My results: 32,900 words

I enjoyed eating at Melba's recently - all the food was great and they have amazing sweet tea :-)


List of Ten - January 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Following a challenge from Darling Magazine, I decided to start a new monthly feature: List of Ten. Here's what Darling suggests: 

Without thinking too hard about it, quickly list the things you love right now – things you may not take the time to really enjoy but that you should. 

1. Mass transit - I don't miss navigating through traffic, filling up my gas tank, finding good parking spots, or worrying about my car's potential mechanical issues at all. 

2. Roasted Brussels sprouts - paired with fingerling potatoes and tossed with olive oil and garlic

3. Pets

4. Venmo

5. TokyoMilk lip balm

6. Knee socks - just bought some more from Target

7. Fingerknitting

8. Subway mosaics

9. Grapefruit at breakfast

10. Trader Joe's body butter (it's not that expensive at the store!)


Smorgasbord Saturday - 01/05/14 to 01/11/14

Saturday, January 11, 2014

16 books to read before they are released as movies this year

Upcoming exhibits in Atlanta and NYC featuring my friend, Joe Garrad

Beautiful bond between a dog and a disabled cat

Mister Rogers Spring 2014 desktop calendar


Smorgasbord Saturday - 12/29/13 to 01/04/14

Saturday, January 4, 2014

People who perform "bizarre" jobs

Then and Now - current and past celebrity mash-ups

Widower designs heart-shaped meadow within private forest as a tribute for his deceased wife


Moving to New York - Making the Trip!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Early in the morning on Sunday, December 29, my friend Tyler picked me up and the limited amount of clothing, etc. I was able to bring with me to New York. We then picked up our friend Ryan and began the long drive to NYC! Tyler's car isn't automatic so I wasn't able to help with driving, but the boys graciously took turns driving along the way. One funny coincidence was that every time Ryan drove we had really bad weather. Maybe that was just funny to Tyler and me though... ;-) 

Along the way, I ended up making a finger-knit scarf! I really like how it turned out, even though it gave me hand cramps because I did it for 10+ hours. 

One highlight of the trip was stopping in Columbus and having lunch with one of my best friends from college, Rachel, and her awesome family - Tim and baby Johanna!

After many hours and states, we finally made it! Here I am with my new roommates - my best friend Amber and her husband Joe! 


Furry Friends

Furry Friends

Danny in NYC

Danny in NYC
Photo by Amber

Zelda Fitzgerald & Grandma Moses in NYC

Zelda Fitzgerald & Grandma Moses in NYC
Photo by Spenser

Lola in New Albany

Lola in New Albany
Photo by Grace

Delbert in Louisville

Delbert in Louisville
Photo by Kimi

Jason in Cleveland

Jason in Cleveland
Photo by Shelby