Moving to New York - Making the Trip!

Early in the morning on Sunday, December 29, my friend Tyler picked me up and the limited amount of clothing, etc. I was able to bring with me to New York. We then picked up our friend Ryan and began the long drive to NYC! Tyler's car isn't automatic so I wasn't able to help with driving, but the boys graciously took turns driving along the way. One funny coincidence was that every time Ryan drove we had really bad weather. Maybe that was just funny to Tyler and me though... ;-) 

Along the way, I ended up making a finger-knit scarf! I really like how it turned out, even though it gave me hand cramps because I did it for 10+ hours. 

One highlight of the trip was stopping in Columbus and having lunch with one of my best friends from college, Rachel, and her awesome family - Tim and baby Johanna!

After many hours and states, we finally made it! Here I am with my new roommates - my best friend Amber and her husband Joe! 


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