Travel: Roommate Staycation - Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn.

I would like to say that I am very generously calling the day trip my roommates and I took to Brooklyn last Saturday a "staycation." In my defense, I have only been to Brooklyn a handful of times and we had the whole day planned out....okay, fine - I don't have much of a defense.

The first stop of the staycation was the Renegade Craft Fair (RCF). I have wanted to go to one of these since I read about it on a now-forgotten blog in college. From their website: Renegade Craft Fair is the world’s preeminent series of events showcasing the best and brightest talents from the modern Maker community. It’s a weekend-long celebration of DIY culture; a thoughtfully curated marketplace where shoppers and micro-entrepreneurs make meaningful connections.

Some of my favorite new-to-me artists: 

The Brooklyn iteration of RCF is conveniently adjacent to Smorgasburg. Kelsey and I thought it best to try some fries with garlic lemon aioli, just in case...

We left RCF and stepped into Rough Trade en route to lunch. This was a highlight of Amy's - Kelsey and I enjoyed it too, but lunch sirens were luring us onward. 

We walked just a bit farther into/down/up/across/? Williamsburg and found ourselves at Kelsey's staycation destination - Jimmy's Diner as seen on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. Definitely wouldn't mind going back here! I wouldn't mind a milkshake, burger, and fries right now now that I mention it...

Last, but not least, Amy's staycation choice - Milkmade. I would summarize the experience here; however, I don't think I could do better than Amy herself

All in all, I think we all enjoyed our roommate mini-getaway tremendously! Our schedules conflict so frequently that it's hard even to get coffee together, so a whole day away was fabulous. Looking forward to the next one...which I may or may not have already scheduled with Kelsey and Amy ;-) 

The result of being outside all day. Thanks, Humidity. 


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