Philly with Grace & Logan

I had the opportunity to tag along with my Louisville friends, Grace and Logan, for part of their vacation roadtrip this Spring! They went to several states and cities, and I had the chance to meet up with them in Philadelphia. I had been to Philly before, but never for this type of relaxed trip. It was so much fun!

I took a BoltBus from NYC to Philly. My total cost for bus tickets was $22!! I definitely recommend checking out BoltBus for a cheap and easy way to travel. Both buses I rode had lots of leg room, wifi, and electrical outlets (for phone charging!). I also was able to take earlier bus trips than my tickets stated because I arrived early and there was room on earlier trips. Overall great experiences!

I love Grace and Logan's laid back style of visiting a new city! They had such a great mixture of scheduled things to do, scheduled "free" time to explore the city, and ideas aplenty for where to eat.

Phillies game

Farmers' market

Independence Hall

Lots of eating!

Walking around the city!

Thank you so much, Grace and Logan, for including me in your travels! :-)


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