List of Ten - June 2014

Following a challenge from Darling Magazine, I decided to start a new monthly feature: List of Ten. Here's what Darling suggests: 

Without thinking too hard about it, quickly list the things you love right now – things you may not take the time to really enjoy but that you should. 

1. Happy bus drivers

2. Getting told at a store "You so smiley, you get free gift!"

3. Philadelphia's public transit tokens

4. Water Block Plus Band-Aids

5. Hot chocolate with real whipped cream at diners

6. Marimekko postcards

7. Roadtrips! I drove for the first time in 6 months yesterday :-)

8. Ice cream from Emack & Bolio's

9. Having my own space for houseguests

10. Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones' collaborative album: Foreverly


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