Destination: North South Lake

One of the things I knew would change when I moved to NYC was my ability to take road trips as easily. There's something about not having a car that affects that somehow... ;-) However, this past weekend was the perfect opportunity for a daytrip to upstate New York. I had a lot of friends from church who were camping in the North South Lake area of the Catskill region. While I'm not the biggest fan of camping, I do love hiking and ALWAYS love the chance to visit a new place. A couple friends and I rented a car and made our way up to meet them and do some hiking.

Our ride up was really fun and reminded me of all the reasons I love riding in cars with friends for hours listening to music and laughing about things we see along the way!

While it was chillier than we expected, the weather was beautiful! I'll let photos do the rest of my talking...

Notice the leaning trees! It stays very windy in this area all the time.


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