Louisville Loves - Highland Morning

Not really sure how I have avoided blogging about one of my very favorite Louisville restaurants, but I've managed it somehow. Highland Morning is my top breakfast-y, brunch-y place in Louisville. The only downside it used to have was that sometimes the wait was a little long, but they have recently expanded into the shop next door and the last four times I have gone I haven't had to wait at all!

I order the same thing every time I go (the Wake Me Up omelet - pictured below), so it's hard for me to make recommendations beyond that; however, everyone who I've ever taken to Highland Morning has really liked their food. Be sure to ask what the grits of the day are if you go! Sometimes they have a sign with the info, but it's easy to miss.

Side note: since I don't eat grains, if you go with me you'll have the opportunity to double your complimentary side of bread and potentially feel like a carb-ivore (see one of my co-eater's plates below). :-)


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