Louisville Loves - WorldFest 2013

This past weekend I attended my first WorldFest in downtown Louisville! I think that it was one of the best free events I have ever been to - anywhere, not just in Louisville. It's one of those types of things that you can go to for a couple hours or all day and still have more things to enjoy. They have hundreds of booths and vendors, dozens of food options, and plenty of live music.

I went with friends and we mainly focused on the food and the free concerts. I ended up getting soul food (okay, okay, I know I should have gotten something I don't already eat regularly!), but others got Caribbean jerk-style chicken and German food. We heard live salsa music and a band specializing in Irish music.

I'll definitely go back next year! This is a family-friendly event and a great opportunity to experience new cultures in Kentucky. I wouldn't hesitate to say that it's worth driving into town for if you live 1-2 hours away from Louisville.


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