Smorgasbord Saturday - 05/26/13 to 06/01/13


The Perks of Being an English Major

Apparently some Canadians think their new currency is maple-scented.

An out-of-towner asked me for Louisville gift recommendations this week and I gave him around five suggestions. One of the suggestions he liked most was for Modjeskas. Several Louisvillians around us hadn't heard of them, so apparently I have to get the word out to my generation! :-)

Californians claim that J.C.Penney's new teapot looks like Hitler.

A sloth who's a picky eater!

Realized that I see this word semi-often, but I wasn't really sure what it meant. So interesting!

Paper-Source released their in-house calendars for 2014! My favorites are always the Wall Art calendar and the Letterpress Desk calendar. They didn't do a 2013 Letterpress Desk calendar, so this year I just "reused" mine from 2012, ha.

This is exactly what I think is happening when I try to parallel park! :-)


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