Louisville Loves - Taco Punk

Following the theme of most of my Louisville Loves posts so far, I will talk yet again about a local place I love first of all because they have great food, but second because they are willing and eager to adapt their dishes for me. I have been to Taco Punk many times, and they have never failed to impress! Another perk of Taco Punk is that it is located in NuLu (the East Market District in downtown Louisville), so there are plenty of other distractions nearby. 

According to their website, Taco Punk specializes in "quick service gourmet tacos." Additionally, on their menu they state that all ingredients are made fresh and in-house, and they use "locally raised pork and beef, all-natural Amish chicken, and sustainably caught seafood." Good, good, and good! 

 Photo from my Instagram account - ejstivers

I would venture to state that most people get tacos when they go to Taco Punk; however, since I can't eat the tortillas, I have to ask for a slight substitution. Instead of the tortillas, I get around 500% of the normal amount of shredded cabbage that conventional tacos get for the "base" of my meal. The photo below is what I got Thursday night - shredded cabbage, 2 tacos' worth of pineapple pork, carrots, guacamole, as much cilantro as they would give me (I got the lady behind the counter to give me 3x the normal amount, but I still didn't think it was enough, ha.), shredded carrots, and some sort of green chili dressing that was hotter than I expected (I got it because it looked like it might have cilantro in it), but still good. I also got some salsa verde because usually that has more cilantro too. Notice a theme? 

 Photo from my Instagram account - ejstivers

FYI, I went most recently on a Thursday night, which meant that I got to take advantage of their text message coupon for a buy-one-get-one taco. Great deal! You can get info on how to participate in that program on their website.


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