Quotation - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's really important to me to incorporate beautiful things into my daily life. I'm not sure if it's because of my predisposition toward the melancholy or what, but I'm always thankful when I have a chance to rest and reflect on something visually beautiful (it doesn't take much to bring me to tears at an art museum!). One of the ways I try to make sure that beauty and art have their rightful places in my day-to-day grind is by incorporating meaningful quotations into my projects. 

All high beauty has a moral element in it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

For this project, I already knew what quotation I wanted to use. I've had this quotation drawn on the chalkboard in my room for several months already. It's something I read every day and I've been more and more convinced of its truthfulness. To me, it reflects the truth that beautiful things come from God. Sure, there are a lot of things wrong and evil with the world, but the fact that there is still beauty and art and creativity reflects God's graciousness toward mankind.

I've been trying to incorporate more hand-drawn text into my graphic/digital work. It's something I've done "unofficially" for some time, but for whatever reason I've been slow to do much hand-lettered work for actual projects. Thankfully I have a great community of friends through church and they have really encouraged me and my creativity a lot recently!

I used a photo from a location-hunt for a friend's 2011 wedding for the background. I used Photoshop to alter the photo and then added text from Illustrator. This project was executed for my own personal use. 


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